Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Angelica Bergamini

“Her work brings three-dimensional space to life in order to objectify ideas in an astheticaly coherent form. It articulates concerns with the nature of fisical space, the
essential qualities of material and the ability of contemporary art to challenge our belief
Structures and terms of reference. Quite simple, her work helps us reassess the way we look at and experience the world.”

Jonathan Thompson, World Sculpture News, Winter 2004.

4 great iPhotos
4 great iPhotos

4 great iPhotos
4 great iPhotos

Angelica Bergamini for the last three years has lived and worked between Pietrasanta (Italy) and New York.
After graduating from Academia di Belle Arti of Florence she spent some years working as a cameraman in Italy for a private television company
While in Madrid she assisted in the Department of Audiovisual Arts at Reyna Sofia
Contemporary Art Museum.
After deciding to undertake a professional artistic career, she started participating in
gallery exhibitions throughout Italy and in Spain.
In 2004 her work (Stones) were chosen for a collective at Kung Fuhin Art Gallery in Honk Kong. At the same time exhibiting “Clouds’ in a major collective in Munich (Germany) and Milan with works by Yoko Ono, Daniel Spoerri, and many others presented by Pari e Dispari gallery.
Currently presenting her first collection of fashion wear that resembles the shape and texture of her sculpture in a show room in Milan.


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